Vyne Mobile is the next leading generation of privacy and security devices. Built from the ground up with 100% end to end encryption and designed for maximum security with simplicity for everyday use.

Mission Statement

Our Objective is Privacy & Security.

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

- Patrick Henry

Vyne mobile's development of Vyne OS follows Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the world's leaders in art, technology and encryption, in our vision of how we feel the art of technology should be. With simplicity in mind for user experience, tools for everyday use, and most importantly secure methods of encryption, we provide you with full control of our technology. Our firm belief is that privacy is a right not a privilege and no one should be able to dictate this. Vyne can not read, access or tamper with the users’ information; even if we wanted to. We ensure that no "back door” access is possible. Privacy and security is guaranteed.

Why Vyne Mobile?

We believe that the user should control his or her own data and messages. That’s why we don’t not store any of your information or messages on our servers once they are delivered. There is no reason for us to keep a copy of your data.

The Server storage is YOU

We believe that the user should control his or her own data and messages. That’s why we do not store any of your information or messages on our servers once they are delivered, nor do we have any access to them.

The Cloud/External Storage

In our environment everything is completely and extensively encrypted, no exceptions. Your information can be remotely saved on our encrypted cloud upon request, its your own extra storage space given to you by us. You can remotely save and backup all notes or contacts and accounting information that you feel is important in your own personal space connected to your private key.

Walkie Talkie/Voice notes

Like our end-to-end messaging service, the same method is used for voice notes and walkie talkie modes. The voice notes can be saved allowing the user to re-listen to a previous message that was already played. In the walkie talkie mode, once you hear the message, the message is deleted.

There Are No Middle Men

Our end-to-end encryption allows the user to communicate directly with its recipient. Vyne Mobile is always innovating and researching the best solutions of tomorrow’s day and age to better provide the consumer with state of the art security technology. No one is between reading your messages, not even us.

Secured Bookkeeping

Everyday life and interactions with people or business can be hectic, and we understand that. For this purpose, we developed a user friendly application that allows the users to just enter the data that is required for any type of financial transaction. Whether it’s extensive bookkeeping, personal memos that involve finances, crypto currencies or net worth.

The Dark Room

Think of a board room that cannot leak sensitive information through communication or internet methods; think zero sound penetration. We created an end to end encrypted space where the live data stream or messages do not pass through internet providers and everything is completely encrypted.


Our device specifications are comparable to Apple & Google technology in their latest released devices. Vyne Mobile is constantly keeping up with current mobile devices in the market.

Vyne OS Built-In Apps

Vyne Central

This is the Vyne app centre. New apps and app updates can be found here. There’s always something new and exciting in the works.


A place to manage all of your Vyne passwords and account settings. This is the heart of Vyne OS and where everything is managed.


A bookkeeping application that is secure and totally private. The only place you need to keep track of all your bookkeeping records.


Stay in touch with your private circle. Vyne chat allows you to communicate privately with those inside your social circle.


Live updates of current exchange rates from across the world. You can choose any currency to instantly to compare.


A great way to take notes. Our note application is simple and intuitive for the ultimate user experience. Keep your notes all to yourself.


If your device is lost or stolen are you prepared? In such a case Vyne Mobile Beacon App sends a signal to remotely wipe all the data on your physical device. Remember to back up your device routinely.


Vyne gallery is the ultimate file storage app, allowing to store your private images and files on your device. Only accessible by verified users to prevent unauthorized access.


Vyne camera, built from the ground up, ensuring every image taken is encrypted and stored safely for your eyes only. Every image taken goes though an encryption process to protect it.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or inquires about our services just let us know and we will respond as soon as possible!
Email us at [email protected]

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Dates: Feb.5-7, 2020 - Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, BC

Privacy and data protection is the number one issue businesses around the world are facing. Personal privacy is at the forefront of information sharing and social media requirements. For the past 20 years, the Privacy and Security Conference has been the number one conference on the issues of privacy and security globally.

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